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About Us

Mantracker Investigations was founded by Greg Urroz DPS #1671265. Mantracker Investigations, LLC DPS #1671264 specialize in Skip Trace/ Locates; Fraud Investigations and Surveillance. Do you need to locate a witness or defendant? Have you been defrauded? Do you have an employee unfairly claiming workers comp? Do you have an employee stealing time on the job? Have questions about an internet relationship? Think your spouse is cheating? We have the ability to conduct investigations and surveillance to answer these questions.

Greg is the Lead Investigator and has over 15 years of investigation experience. He has extensive experience in Real Estate Investigations having spent 10 years as a Commercial Realtor in Tucson, AZ. Greg was a Certified Commercial Sales Specialist (CCSS), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and a Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI.) When it comes to Real Estate Fraud Investigations Greg has the credentials to read between the lines. Feel free to call with any questions.

Background Checks

Investigating a person’s previous employment, addresses and phone numbers, criminal and civil reports, marital status, and assets as well as any other legal information you might need to know for a case or just peace of mind.

Civil Investigations

Gathering and curating any information you might need for your civil trial including surveillance, acquiring court documents, and other evidence needed to win your case.

Corporate Investigations

Providing proof of corporate fraud or running background and asset checks on potential and current business partners.

Employee Theft

Identifying (with evidence) what your employees are doing while you are out of the room and who can be trusted. This includes employees of brick and mortar establishments as well as service industries.

Fraud Investigations

Looking into and determining whether suspicious activity is indicative of fraud including scams and con artist activity. Fraud investigation evidence can be used in civil court cases.

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

Surveillance and social media investigative work to find out whether a spouse is engaging in infidelity. Evidence to be used in divorce cases or simply for peace of mind.

Insurance Fraud

Working on behalf of insurance agencies and businesses to find people attempting to benefit from deceitful insurance claims on various assets (cars, planes, boats, etc.)

Internet Dating Investigations

Simply know who you are dating before you become intimately involved or trust them with things like your house keys or private information.

People Locate/Skip Trace

Locating runaways, long lost loved ones, those evading process service, and anyone else you may be seeking. Keep in mind, locating people is more successful the more information you are able to provide us (previous addresses, friendships, phone numbers etc.)


Keeping a close watch on a particular person or place with photo evidence as necessary. When hiring an investigator for surveillance, make sure they are experienced with the law as illegally-acquired information can be thrown out in court.

Workers Compensation

Fraudulent or overly embellished workers compensation claims are uncovered on behalf of insurance agencies.


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